offers supply of
glass microbeads
Of size fraction
0-250 μ‎m

The product has the form of white in mass homogeneous free-flowing powder. The glass beads are chemically inert, recyclable and pollution-free.

Granularity grading

Grading sieves of R40/3 bank under STB ISO 565
Sieve breakdown
0 to 5
10 to 30
60 to 90
90 to 100

Defective glass beads no more than 15%

Oval, falling-drop shaped, melted together, non-transparent, with gaseous inclusions


chemical composition

Chemical element
WT, %


  • for wet treatment of articles so as to get the essential degree of roughness of the most crucial engines’ details;
  • for dry blasting of machines and articles’ details etc.
  • as an ingredient of paints and thermoplastics;
  • as fillers for moulded plastic articles so as to improve their impact-resistance, stiffness, durability, as well as to reduce distortion and shrinkage effects that cannot be reduced by changing the moulding method;
  • as fillers for rubber compositions for absorbing of vibration;
  • as fillers for cable sheathing so as to minimize friction while drawing the cable;
  • as fillers for epoxy compositions as fillers for epoxy compositions, polyurethanes, foams, polyolefins, elastomers, cement and many other materials to increase durability, strength, resistance to corrosion and erosion wear;
  • as fillers of powder coatings of electrical wires, which significantly improves their mechanical, electrical and thermal properties;
  • as fillers for medical baths in burn treatment;
  • as additives to lubricants so as to reduce wear of details in 2-3 times;
  • as modifying additives to the adhesives in the lamination of products with the aim of providing a predetermined thickness of the adhesive layer.

    The use of glass beads as beads in metal processing: Modern metalworking requires efficiency, high quality and cost-effective results. Glass beads are one of the most popular materials in shot blasting of the abrasives used for cleaning and conditioning of the surfaces.  Glass peening provides clean surfaces without burrs, it gives a surface a great appearance and is hardened, without etching or removing the main surface material, without darkening or other undesirable consequences. In addition, the glass beads are so solid that they can be used during many cycles. The consumption of glass beads on average is about 3% per cycle. The effects of shot blasting depend on right balance of several variables, the diameter of the nozzle, the distance to the work surface, the angle of application and the force (air pressure) of the abrasive supply. The last and most important element of control is the size and quality of the glass beads. Stable quality of the abrasive and compliance with the conditions is essential. Glass beads (microbeads) have significant advantages: * it is consumed at a slow rate and can be recovered continuously, indicating its eco-friendliness.

    • it will not contaminate the metal during processing. Glass beads are inert and chemically pure, so that it is classified as a clean and environmentally friendly abrasive.
    • the effect for the surface is controlled during the processing of various metals, so that it is possible to achieve less surface damage than with traditional sand and corundum.
    • good performance (they clean quickly).
    • processing without significant removal of the metal layer, which allows you to save the critical thickness of pipes, pipelines, turbines, etc.
    • They are rated under COSHH as low-risk.
    • The usage of glass beads in various branches:
  • anti-glare and decorative matte surface, for example, windscreen wipers, lamp bases, window frames, mirror frames, steering wheel and dashboard finishing, mouldings and bumpers.
  • removal of burrs from precision castings and metal ceramic parts, such as cog-wheels.
  • preparing electric wire for brazing, especially for resistance wire with very tight tolerance. For this task glass beads blasting is the only possible method, as the base metal layer should not be removed.
  • removal of oxidation from the electric motor,
  • removal of coatings,
  • removal of insulation residues,
  • removing carbon deposits from brushes,
  • removal of large corrosion,
  • cleaning of pneumatic brake and clutch parts,
  • cleaning of hydraulic components,
  • treatment of the external surface of the railway rolling stock.
  • surface preparation for electroplating, chemical and mechanical coatings of copper, zinc, Nickel, cadmium, etc. Instead of mechanical cleaning, etching, and washing. Shot blasting gives a clean metal surface. Thus, in addition to saving time, better adhesion of the coating will be achieved.
  • introduction to solid adhesion before coating with chromium. Heat treatment and polishing of parts, instrument making
  • removal of tarnishing after the holidays or cleaning.
  • descaling and salt precipitate after tempering.
  • preparation for polishing, honing, electroplating process before chromium matting.
  • surface finish (shape, matte, appearance and firm grip).
  • scale removal from seams and stress relief from welding at the same time.
  • cleaning of oxide seams, used instead of chemicals.
  • Glass production
  • cleaning of glass forms from oxide layers without damaging the metal surface. The smallest engraving remains, the life cycle of the form increases significantly.
  • cleaning of guide rollers from oxide film, mainly in dust-free shot blasting machines with brushes. Huge time savings compared to manual machining.
  • the gentlest removal of corrosion from injection moulding and heavy injection moulding, as well as from the edges of knives, corners, without removing the base material. Significantly increases the life cycle of dies and moulds.
  • polishing of non-ferrous metals.
  • cleaning forms for baking.
  • treatment of surfaces (shape, opacity).
  • cleaning of scale from seams with removal of tension from welding at the same time.
  • cleaning of parts of pumps, compressors, valves, pump shafts, wheel fans, pistons, heat exchanger pipes and devices of distillation columns, electrical parts, parts of tools, valves. Paper mill
  • overhaul of sensors of printing tools
  • removal of corrosion caused by chlorides
  • deburring and preparation for plating of camera parts, measuring instruments, etc. We obtain a clean surface free of metal film, which improves adhesion. In addition, it provides sanitizing, anti-reflective and hard surface adhesion.
  • surface finishing, removal of treated marks, preparation for Teflon® and enamel coating
  • the surfaces of all materials can be finished by air shot blasting with glass beads.
  • cleaning drills, reamers, cleaning broach and other milling tools
  • deburring and hardened fine cutting edges removal, which increases the endurance of the tool.
  • cleaning erosion or treated metal tools
  • repairs and maintenance of boiler parts
  • cleaning water tanks, radar masts, ammunition parts, weapon parts, rocket launch tubes to remove corrosion


  • to cover the inner surface of the lamps with a thin layer of aluminium, the lamps prefilled with glass beads and aluminium powder.
  • glass beads fill the fuses to prevent fire and explosion when the lamp is burned out.
  • deburring in the manufacture of housings for electronic components, accessories for the wing of metal, driving axle, flat discs made of stainless steel.
  • cleaning moulds, for example, for tires, boots, body batteries, without removing the base material.
  • cleaning of jet engines and jet blades, pipes and inlet assemblies of pipelines, aircraft engines, and cylinder heads.
  • remove corrosion from the wings, the opening stress crack.
  • hardening of all parts of the jet engine and chassis, as well as stress relief from the wings.

1. High-quality surface cleaning of various types of pollution, oxides, carbon deposits, scale.

2. Hardening of the surface layer of the metal (work hardening).

3. Processing of high-precision parts without changing the geometry, reducing surface roughness.

4. High resistance to bacterial contamination.

5. Matting of glass, plastic, stainless steel.

6. Obtaining a marketable product, a wide range of textures from deep matte to fine satin.

1. Provides the specified thickness of the adhesive layer.

2. Prolongs the endurance of the road by 10-15%.

3. Improves road traffic safety and road traffic capacity.

1. Glass beads increase durability, strength, resistance to abrasive wear.

2. They allow creating a high-strength product or coating with excellent barrier properties, resistant to the environment, corrosion and chemicals.

3. Eliminate the effects of distortion and shrinkage, which cannot be removed by changes in casting modes.

1. The glass beads reduce the viscosity, increase the fluidity and improve the air-spraying process.

2. Reduce the cost of production by reducing the consumption of binders.

3. Reduce shrinkage and crack formation.

4. Improve the sandability of putties, improve thermal insulation properties.

5. Increase the durability of defects due to more efficient extrusion of air bubbles.

The glass beads allow reducing wear of parts, reducing wear of equipment by 2-3 times.

Provides the specified thickness of the adhesive layer.

  • cleaning moulds in foundry production.
  • hardening of parts to avoid the formation of corrosion cracks and to extend the life cycle of parts exposed to stress.
  • cleaning of engine parts, such as valves, during major repairs.
  • heat treatment: plaque removal after a holiday or cleaning.

Material Safety Data Sheet


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